Why BBQ catering is the perfect choice for your kid’s birthday party in McKinney, TX

There’s a lot that goes into throwing a birthday party for a child. Whether they’re turning four or 14, it’s a major to-do. At Triple G Catering, we get it. We understand that you have to coordinate the guests, the dessert, and the entertainment for the party. The last thing you want to have to do is cook the food, too. So, we’ve put together a list of five reasons why BBQ catering in McKinney, TX is the perfect choice for your child’s upcoming birthday party.

It encourages everyone to be outside

If you have space and the weather is nice, you want everybody to outside. It makes for easier clean-up and gives the kids room to run around without breaking anything in your home. BBQ is easy to eat outside on paper plates so you don’t have to clean up the house to host. Simply make sure you have a few chairs and maybe a couple of tables so people have a place to sit and socialize while they enjoy the food.

It’s easy to eat and play games

With options like smoked ribs and brisket, you can’t go wrong with finger food. This makes it easier for everyone to play games like cornhole or horseshoes with one hand while you eat with the other. If the kids get messy, set up a little waterslide on the grassy and they can clean right off. You and your guests can easily enjoy the games and activities while enjoying your food.

You don’t have to cook

Cooking for a party is a big task. It doesn’t matter if you’re hosting a group of 10 or 25, that’s a lot of cooking. We’re experienced in cooking for parties of all sizes. From backyard parties like yours to major corporate events with hundreds of mouths to feed, we can cook your food and cook it well. When you hire BBQ catering, you can leave the food to someone else and focus on the most important part of the party, your kids.

It’s easy to divide food into separate tables

It’s not uncommon for somewhat of a bottleneck to develop around the food table. Your guests usually all want to eat at the same time so they’re all waiting in line by the food table. You can make it easier for everyone by dividing the food into separate tables. This can be done by putting dividing each dish into portions at individual tables or creating a table specifically for each dish. It’s up to you, but it’s a great way to make it easier for your guests to each get their plates.

The parents will want to stick around

One of the hardest parts about throwing a kids’ birthday party is going at it alone. Parents will drop their kids off and head out so you’re left to herd a group of party animals by yourself. If you have BBQ catering at a kids’ birthday party, you’re more likely to get the parents to hang out and help wrangle the little ones. Good food is also a great excuse to stick around and get to know one another better.

Call for catering

Leave the food at your child’s next birthday party to the professionals. Hire Triple G Catering to take care of all the cooking so you don’t have to. Our BBQ catering in McKinney, TX is slow-cooked to perfection every time and it will have your guests talking about your party for ages. Give us a call today at 972-529-0091 or send us a message using our contact form. We look forward to catering your kid’s birthday party.

Why BBQ catering is the perfect choice for your kid’s birthday party in McKinney, TX