What Is Texas Style BBQ?

As you notice the weather getting nicer, you decide to have a full service catering, Texas style BBQ. The famous Texas style is great for large groups of people, so you invite all of your best friends and suddenly realize that they are unfamiliar with what a traditional Texas BBQ is. You check through search engines to find some solid definitions so you can explain, but Google doesn’t show anything specific, and unfortunately you only have a limited amount of time to get something together. 

Well, don't worry because we've got you covered. Texas BBQ is in the realm of slow cooked, smokey meats with unknown origins. Texas BBQ doesn’t have shrimp or fish dishes, it’s strictly meat. Here are a few savory plates that you'll find at one.

Texas- style smoked brisket. 

It’s brisket, but with that Texas tang to it! A brisket is a piece of smoked meat that is often slow cooked and spiced with different ingredients. Most often it is left slow cooking all day so you know its good. Like most Texas BBQ, it has a rich, smokey, mouthwatering flavor and is cooked to absolute perfection.

Pork ribs. 

For lovers of smoked meats, pork ribs take the crown every time. These flavorful pork bones are seasoned with a dry rub and fully cooked in the smoker. Some would call these an absolute essential for a traditional Texas BBQ. If you serve these, I’d imagine you’d be the most popular guy at the party. 

Fried okra. 

This plate is absolutely essential. Okra is a vegetable often pickled, but fries well all the same. Fried okra is a staple of the Texas BBQ and tastes better fried than any other vegetable. Pair these delicious little bites with any sort of meat and you’re on your way to a good time. 

Texas cornbread. 

Nothing says BBQ more than classic Texas cornbread. The perfect companion to any BBQ dish, this side cannot be absent. This delicious dish is ideal for those who love baked goods and breads that lean on the sweeter side. Mop up some juice from the brisket, or some left over sauce from the ribs and take a ride down to flavor town!

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