Hosting a Welcome Back Party? Use Full-Service Catering

There’s nothing quite like coming home. It’s natural to go overboard with a welcome back party when a loved one returns from a long work assignment, college, deployment, or an extended hospital stay. The event you host is an expression of your love and your excitement at welcoming them back home where they belong. There’s no better way to ensure your party is the highlight of their return than making sure you offer great food–like traditional North Texas BBQ.

Every great party starts with the guest list.

The sooner you send out the invitations, the better. Depending on the length of your loved one’s absence, more family and friends will want to make an appearance to welcome them home. Even if you’re not planning a formal event, sending paper invitations in the mail makes the party feel official and festive. But consider using an email chain or group chat to follow up for RSVPs and party details.

No matter the size of your party, when you search for full-service catering near me, Triple G BBQ can deliver. We have scalable catering options, from pickup orders to self-serve delivery and professional, button-up service.

Pick the perfect venue for your person.

Part of what makes a party feel special is gathering your loved ones in a beautiful location that holds significance for you. Depending on the size of your guest list, you may rent an event space, find an outdoor area, or even use your home and backyard. You want to pick somewhere that suits the party’s size. A too-small venue will make people feel crowded and uncomfortable, but too big, and the party will feel small and awkward in comparison.

Triple G full-service catering provides start-to-finish service. We have years of experience working with event planners and venues to ensure your party goes off without a hitch.

Set the mood with music and decorations.

There’s nothing like the perfect playlist to create memories that will last a lifetime. Start with the guest of honor’s favorite bands and build off them to create a playlist. Your goal is to keep the energy up and maybe even fill a dancefloor, depending on the party’s vibe. Taking a little extra time with music will pay off big when people talk about the party you threw for years to come.

Whatever the venue you choose, it won’t feel festive until you decorate. A “Welcome Back” banner is traditional, but add in some balloons, streamers, and flowers to make it feel like a real celebration.

Food is the third part of the perfect-party trifecta, and we might be biased, but nothing says home like North Texas traditional BBQ.

Serve the perfect menu with a full-service caterer like Triple G BBQ.

Here in North Texas, nothing says “welcome back” better than BBQ. It reminds people of what they love about home, and it makes them feel like they’ve truly returned. Triple G BBQ uses traditional family recipes to make all your favorites:

  • Smoked brisket
  • Pulled pork
  • Steak and sausage
  • Ribs

Nothing reminds someone that they’re home with family, like sitting elbow to elbow and getting messy eating ribs.

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We have all your North Texas BBQ favorites and can accommodate most menu requests; contact us to book your next party.

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