Up and Coming Trends for Corporate Event Catering

Corporate events are major occasions for your business, and cover everything from team-building trips to product launches. Of course, a great corporate event needs great catering. This is why knowing about the most popular up and coming trends in corporate event catering is so critical. Let's take a look at some of the most important trends for 2020.

Options for Dietary Restrictions

Whether for health reasons or due to ethical practices, many people have different dietary restrictions or preferences. To accommodate everyone, more and more catering services are offering gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian, and vegan options.

Instead of choosing a catering service that only provides vegan food or all gluten-free food, you might find it easier to hire a service that has these options alongside their normal menu. This will allow all your guests to be satisfied. Be sure to ask the businesses you reach out to, as they may not have their dietary restriction options stated clearly on their websites.

Serving Satisfying Meals

Satisfying means a number of things in this case. Typical event catering can become dull and repetitive, with the same kind of meals served over and over again. If you really want to wow your clients, employees, or anyone else attending your event, why not serve them something like BBQ?

What makes an event better than some flavor-packed ribs, steak, and beef tenderloin? Serving dishes like BBQ is becoming more and more popular in the world of corporate event catering. Those who have experienced it might find it difficult to go back to cold cuts and fruit plates. The right catering service will make BBQ at an event feel clean, comfortable, and ultimately, completely satisfying.

Self-Serve Catering

Self-serve catering is another rising trend, especially among those hosting smaller events. With self-serve catering, you'll be able to serve the meals yourself, without having to worry about over-crowding from a staff in a more restrictive or private location. The right corporate event catering service will provide you with all the food, equipment, utensils, and know-how you'll need ahead of time. From there, you can be the one dishing food out to your guests.

This trend has become increasingly popular in part due to how personal it feels. While efficient and competent staff can be fantastic for most corporate events, there's definitely something special about being the person serving a special client, a retiring employee, or a boss you're hoping to impress with some delicious food.

Food Trucks

Food trucks aren't only a new trend in corporate event catering; they've been taking over the country, popping everywhere with different themes and menus for customers to enjoy. You'll find very few catering options quite as convenient as just hiring a food truck to drive up outside of your event. The food truck team will take care of cooking, serving, and clean up, making the whole experience much more straightforward.

This is ideal for events where your guests may want to go outside and stretch their legs. A food truck also comes in handy if you're hosting your event in a place that simply doesn't have the room for people to sit down and eat comfortably. Not to mention, the amazing variety of food trucks you can choose from means you'll be able to offer your guests delicious meals of any kind, depending on what you feel will be the most popular among your audience.