You’re Hosting a Super Bowl Party with Dallas BBQ Catering- Now What?

Even though the Cowboys aren’t going to the Super Bowl, it doesn’t mean you have to accept a lackluster party this February. And if you’re the host for this year’s get-together, people will expect epic food and drink. You can rely on the game for entertainment (and the commercials), but if you don’t have next-level snacks, the party will fall flat.

Luckily, with a little planning, you can host a memorable, even legendary party that sets the bar for all future gatherings of your sports-loving friends and family. With the right mixture of food, drink, and pre-game entertainment, even your football-adverse loved ones (we all have them), will have a great time.

Plan pre-game entertainment to get everyone excited for kickoff.

Super Bowl parties are really about spending quality time with friends and family, so plan the party for a few hours before the game starts and set up a few games:

  • Cornhole: set up your cornhole boards in the driveway or backyard.
  • Commercial bingo: look for big brands and cliches during commercial breaks and award prizes for bingo.
  • Pin the football: like pin the tail on the donkey, but with a field goal and footballs.

With an array of games, both indoors and outside, your party will stay energized through the final quarter.

Make Super Bowl-themed drinks, from kid-friendly punches to cocktails.

While beer is the traditional standby for Super Bowl Sunday, themed cocktails and non-alcoholic options elevate a standard party into a legendary event.

  • Themed lemonade: use food-safe coloring to tint lemonade and limeade for the team colors, and add seltzer for some fizz.
  • Touchdown punch: combine vodka with prosecco, seltzer, and flavored liqueur for a colorful, sippable cocktail.
  • Sparkling cider and juice: combine fruit juices with lemon/lime soda or prosecco.

Punch and bubbly non-alcoholic drinks make Super Bowl parties fun for kids and non-drinkers.

Don’t forget the most important thing, ordering Dallas’ best BBQ catering.

The Super Bowl and BBQ just go together. But serving the right BBQ matters. As the host, you don’t want to spend the entire game parked next to the grill or mixing sides in the kitchen. That’s why ordering authentic North Texas BBQ from Triple G Catering is the perfect solution. We’re Dallas’ best BBQ catering service, offering all your favorites:

  • Smoked brisket and pulled pork
  • Steak and poultry
  • Ribs and sausage
  • Our special sides, like Triple G Corn

We cook all our food in our custom oak wood smoker with secret recipe rubs and sauces passed down for generations through our Texas families. They’re loosen-your-belt-buckle good, and our servings guarantee there will be plenty to go around.

Just let us know the size of your party, and what kind of service suits your gathering. We offer a range of setups along with our BBQ, from a tailgate-style party to delivery with everything you need to self-serve a buffet or even backyard sit down service. We’ll make sure people are talking about your Super Bowl party for years to come.

Ready to elevate your Dallas Super Bowl party to the next level? Call Triple G Catering for authentic North Texas BBQ.

Texans know authenticity matters, so rather than risk sub-par BBQ for the Super Bowl, contact Triple G early to arrange for catering for your party. No matter the size or style, our catering services can adapt for a memorable get-together that won’t have you trapped in the kitchen or standing next to the grill.

Every Triple G Catering customer receives personalized service. We pride ourselves on our exceptional communication from the initial quote until the last bone is picked clean. We make sure everything goes as planned, from dropping off home-cooked favorites with everything you need to self-serve to parking our food truck at your get together. During the Super Bowl, you can focus on the game, while we focus on the food. Get in touch today to schedule your BBQ catering in Dallas and North Texas.

Round out your super bowl party with bbq catering in dallas.