Catering Companies vs. DIY Cooking for Special Events

You’ve found yourself likened to Martha Stewart by your friends. There doesn’t seem to be anything you can’t do. You’ve got a great career, and you’ve been able to successfully balance it with being a hands-on parent. Your kids’ birthday parties are usually something to rave about, and your cooking has been, well, described as out of this world.

Now, you have a big event coming up and you’re probably thinking about preparing all the food by yourself. Tempting, yes, especially now that DIY parties are all the rage. However, before discounting the feasibility of considering prospective catering companies to help with your venture, ask the following questions first.

1. Would it be cost effective to handle the cooking yourself?

People mistakenly assume that hiring a catering company entails extra unnecessary costs. After all, if you do the math, all you need to do is shop, prepare the ingredients, and do the cooking yourself so you’re bound to save a lot. Not really.

Aside from the food, you also need to factor in the cost of providing all the serving dishes, cutlery, glasses, goblets, ice buckets, plates, place settings, napkins, tablecloths, and other big event necessities. With a professional caterer as your event partner, you need only worry about a single expense: the catering package you need.

2. Can your kitchen accommodate the scale of preparation?

Cooking for a family get together or for your child's birthday may be easy enough to do in your kitchen. However, preparing food for a large number of guests is an altogether different ballgame. You need to evaluate how much space you have in your kitchen, not only for food preparation and cooking but also for storing, freezing, and baking.

Related to this is asking yourself if you have the ability to cook large batches of food while maintaining consistency in terms of flavor, taste, appearance and texture. Catering to a crowd of diners is tricky, which is why even seasoned cooks need to study how they can calculate and successfully cook food as caterers, when the recipes serve dozens more.

3. Will you have assistants ready to help you with the food preparation and cooking?

Unless you’ve got people to help with tasks such as shopping, preparing, cooking, and serving the food, you’d be better off working with a caterer. Note, too, that anyone who’s willing to help you should not mind missing out on parts of the event and will be on their feet for hours on end. This includes you, as well.

With a professional catering service, you’ll not only avoid stressing over the menu and all the work that goes into it, you also won’t have to worry about the pre-event preparations, serving, or the post-event cleanup.

4. Do you have the time to handle all food-related chores?

If it’s a major family event such as your parents’ 50th anniversary, or your sister’s engagement, you can count on you having to be involved in the various elements and stages of preparation – not just the food. Getting all food-related chores sorted out is already one huge undertaking, so think long and hard about your planned commitments. You need to not only ensure that the food is perfect but also that you’re completely present for your loved ones.

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