Plan a Perfect Outdoor Celebration with a BBQ Catering Menu

Longer days and warmer weather mean more time outdoors with friends and family. Nothing pairs better with firefly-lit summer evenings than sweet pecan wood smoke and life-changing barbecue. In North Texas, where everyone has a secret family recipe, it’s tempting to make every event a potluck. But a genuine celebration - a gathering of your nearest and dearest - deserves a catering menu.

When you cater your outdoor celebration, no one has to spend days in the kitchen - before and after the event - dealing with the planning, cooking, baking, and endless clean-up. Instead, hire a North Texas BBQ catering company to do the hard work and still deliver the traditional dishes you crave.

Plan an event as casual or upscale as you want.

Some people get worried that a catering menu means white table clothes and servers in ties. And it can–if that’s what you want! But catering covers a wide range of service options that customize to your unique preferences and fit the event’s atmosphere. Triple G Catering offers an array of service options:

  • Bulk pickup: sports events, family reunions, or just a Sunday in the park; pickup lets you stay in control by picking up your packaged order on your schedule. All we need is 48 hours, and you can have a catered event.
  • Delivery: let us know where to meet you, and we’ll drop off hot and ready BBQ favorites, complete with all the plates and utensils you’ll need. Just tell your guests to bring their appetites.
  • Full service: sit back, relax, we’ll handle everything. Need us to work with an event planner? No problem. We’ll cook, serve, and clean-up so you can focus on your outdoor celebration.

Maybe you don’t know exactly what kind of service you want, but you know how you want your event to feel. We’re experts at planning the perfect catering menu and service style for a memorable outdoor event.

Order all your favorites; made the traditional North Texas way.

We can’t say for sure whether the food makes or breaks the event. But avoid taking any chances by ordering a catering menu filled with everyone’s favorites. At Triple G Catering, we cook local, straight-from-the-butcher cuts in a custom-made smoker with pecan and oak wood using our homemade blend of rubs.

  • Ribs: nothing says family bonding like sharing a plate of ribs.
  • Brisket: we always cook slow and low for tender, juicy brisket.
  • Pulled pork: served with our tangy barbeque sauce.
  • Poultry and steak: round out your menu with these favorites.

Triple G Catering includes offerings for unique dietary requirements. When you call to book your event, be sure to mention any restrictions. We have an array of sides and accommodation we can make for vegetarians, gluten-intolerant individuals, and more.

Create lifelong memories at your outdoor, even with friends, family, and great food.

Great BBQ is a universal love language. You let your guests know you care when you serve traditional North Texas BBQ catering at your outdoor event. And because there’s no prep, no stress, and no hassle with serving and clean-up, you’re treating yourself right too. Instead, you can enjoy your celebration, enjoy incredible barbecue food, and create memories you’ll cherish for years.

Make your next outdoor celebration memorable with a catering menu from Triple G Catering.

Whatever your outdoor celebration, Triple G Catering has the perfect menu and service. We do everything from delivering orders for low-key picnics to our signature full-service with table setting, servers, and meals cooked on site.

If you’re looking to up the wow-factor for your outdoor celebration, just ask us to pull up in our custom-made food truck plus smoker. We’re always happy to share what we know about North Texas BBQ and make your event one of the year’s best. Contact us to plan your next outdoor celebration.

Use a BBQ catering menu to plan your next outdoor celebration.