Need catering for your wedding? Triple G BBQ & Catering can feed a small army

Planning a wedding can be stressful and hectic. And finding a great caterer that will satisfy your guests’ taste buds is even harder!

But we’ve figured out the perfect way to make everyone happy on your special day.

The answer? Barbecue catering for your wedding. And the secret sauce? Ribs.

Everyone loves barbecue food. And what’s more Texas than a good rack of ribs? If you’re planning a wedding in Dallas-Fort Worth, and need to feed a lot of guests, you’ll want to keep quantity in mind. So remember that a great barbecue goes a long way, and feeds a lot of people.

So here are our tips on how to feed a small army of guests with some amazing food. We promise they’ll have a finger-licking good time at your wedding dinner!

  • Find a caterer that knows ribs, like Triple G’s BBQ & Catering:

Not only do we know ribs. We love ribs. And when it comes to your wedding, you want a caterer who knows what they’re doing. With Triple G’s BBQ & Catering, your guests will enjoy delicious ribs right from our custom-built smoker. We’ll season everything with our perfected homemade rub, and provide sensational sauces. A meal like this will have folks talking about how great the food was for years to come!

  • Napkins and wet naps are a must:

We know barbecue food can be messy sometimes. But don’t let that deter you from thinking about booking barbecue catering for your wedding. With all that delicious food, you’ll just want to make sure everyone has plenty of napkins and wet naps on hand to stay clean. Have some cute bibs for the kids, and maybe an extra napkin or two for the messier eaters in the group.

  • Show everyone how to eat ribs like a pro:

Believe it or not, there’s a right way to eat ribs! And Triple G BBQ & Catering will make sure you know exactly how to eat your ribs. Here’s how: hold the rib on either end, dig into the savory meat on one side. Then rotate, and pick off the rest on the other side. Wipe your hands, and start all over again! Have some guests who don’t know how to eat ribs? Consider a fun wedding game and have the bride and groom do a rib eating contest.

  • Provide great sides that pair perfectly with ribs:

We have all kinds of delicious sides that everyone will love. When considering barbecue catering for your wedding, be sure to look at the full menu. We provide tasty salad options, fresh fruit, Texas cornbread, and our signature Triple G Corn. Be sure to have big plates for your guests, because they’ll want to dish up a little bit of everything.

  • Clean up and send off the happy couple:

Everyone will be in a great mood after digging into some delicious ribs. And we know that full bellies and bright spirits make for great wedding speeches. So now it’s time to make a toast, cut the cake, and send the happy couple on their way!

Then you can start planning for your next event so you can have even more barbecue! We provide catering for all kinds of events. We’d love to be a part of your next office picnic, birthday party, or anniversary.

Just imagine that smoky-sweet barbecue, hearty sides, and the amazing quality and care provided by Triple BBQ & Catering making the day even better for you and your loved ones.

You can trust us to make your special day one to remember. Contact us today to find out more about our options.

We can’t wait to cater your upcoming event.

triple g catering barbeque for a wedding in dallas-fort worth texas is always a good idea